To Remove Hose Kinks


  If your hose has become kinked during shopping or storage follow these quick and easy directions to correct the situation.

(A) Run about two inches of the hottest water possible into a sink, laundry tub or bathtub.
(B) Connect one end of the hose to your faucet and submerge the rest.
(C) Turn on the hot water to a trickle and position the hose to remove the kinks as it starts to soften. When all of the kinks have been removed turn off the hot water and turn on the cold. The will quench the hose to its original shape.


 The eight foot section of XL-11 hose will need to be cut in half to make the intake and exhaust hoses. Place one of the P-6 rubber hose clamps on each end of the hose that is to be used for the intake. A simple way of putting P-6 hose clamps on is to first roll the clamp over a rigid object and then on to the hose. Then slip one end of the hose over the "in" port on the main casting. (Fig. 9) Note: The "in" and "out" ports are designated by arrows on the motor.

      Take the other hose and place one of the P-6 rubber hose clamps on one end. Then slip the XL-15 plastic hose clamp over the opposite end and place the remaining rubber hose clamp on that end. Place one end of the hose over the "out" port on the main casting. (Fig. 10)

      Attach the glued XL-12 "U"-tube to the intake hose and install the P-26 tube and the P-24 strainer assembly. Note: the P-24 strainer assemblies may be mounted either vertically or horizontally depending on the position you prefer. Use the P-25 cap plug to plug the open hole so that none of the inhabitants of the aquarium will be sucked in to your DiatomĀ® Filter. (Fig. 11)


      Attach one half of the unglued XL-12 "U"-tube to the exhaust hose. Then slide the two halves of the XL-12 together loosely and hang on aquarium. (Fig 12)

Note: the two halves of the Diatom strainer assembly (part P-24) are Left uncemented of ease of cleaning. Should you wish to cement them together, use fingernail polish or acetone as a solvent glue. Join immediatley and allow join to cure for three hours.