Starting Your Diatom® Filter


With both the intake and exhaust hoses in the aquarium and having the Diatom® Filter as least half full of water turn the Diatom® Filter upside down, start the motor for a few seconds or until you can see that the intake hose has filled with water. Return the Diatom® Filter to the upright position and turn the motor off. This will force the unit to start a siphon. Hose must run upward toward aquarium.

      Clamp the exhaust hose when the water has filled the jar and hoses. Kinking the hose by hand will serve the same purpose. (Fig. 13) During this recirculating phase, with the exhaust blocked off, water is taken from inside the filter bag and forced through the recirculating hole back to the outside of the bag actually creating a filter within a filter. This also collects any small particles of powder that may be inside the bag or might slip through at the time of starting.

     Start the motor and allow the Diatom® Filter to run for about two minutes.

     After the Diatom® Filter runs about two minutes with the exhaust hose clamped off, the filter bag should be starting to coat with a thin layer of Diatom Filter Powder.

     With the Diatom® Filter still running, unclamp the exhaust hose and allow the water to flow freely through the Diatom® Filter.

Note: If you have not allowed sufficient time for the filter bag to coat, some of the Diatom Filter Powder may be seen entering the aquarium. This will not harm the fish or plants, and will soon clear as the Diatom® Filter cleans your aquarium.

Caution: the Diatom® Filter must operate in the upright position with hoses running upwards.

     The strainer may be removed from the end of the exhaust downspout and the "jet" action of the exhaust water can be used to "agitate" the gravel to aid in cleaning.

Restarting Your Diatom® Filter

     To restart your Diatom® Filter after it has been turned off for any length of time, the Diatom Filter Powder will have fallen off the filter bag and settled to the bottom of the jar. You will have to crimp of the exhaust hose and allow the Diatom® Filter to run for about two minutes to recoat the filter bag before releasing flow. Be sure that all the Diatom powder on the bottom of the jar is shaken loose during the starting period before you release the clamp; the Diatom powder is the filter not the bag.