Filter Maintanance

  • Oil your Diatom motor every three to four months of normal use with part P-30 Lubricant
  • When filter is not in use, clean thoroughly and store in dry condition. (Otherwise entrapped particles will cause bacteria explosion and offensive odor.)
  • * After each time the unit is disassembled re lubricate the rubber "O"-ring part XL-9 with Vaseline or silicone grease for a better seal.

  • The filter bag and plastic parts can be cleaned with a mild bleach solution of ome part bleach to ten parts water, to remaove any slime deposits collected during use. Rinse with fresh water then allow the parts to completely dry before storing your Diatom® Filter.
  • Your filter bag should not be scrubbed or machine washed as it will destroy the polyester fabric woven layer that restrains the Diatom powder.
  • To repair small cracks in plastic parts, use acetone as a solvent glue - allow 12 hours to set.
  • * Pertains to XL Diatom Filter only.

    Diatom Filter Maintenance