Hose Clamps Rubber or Metal

Have you ever wondered why Vortex uses rubber hose clamps on Diatom Filter?
It's simply better because there is a steady even squeeze from the rubber hose clamps. Study the picture below (fig 1). One can see that the rubber clamp is making an even squeeze on the solid plastic port thru the flexible vinyl hose.

Metal clamps a lot of the time will leave a small hole down the side as shown below (fig 2). This makes the consumer tend to tighten the clamp even tighter possibly distorting the solid port. Last week I examined two Diatom Filter returned with metal clamps. Both the casting were replaced because the metal clamps had permanently distorted the plastic casting ports. The best solution is to replace a broken rubber clamp with a original rubber clamp like the Diatom Filter was equipped with.

Another point I would like to share with you is the static grip that vinyl tubing will make on the plastic fidget ports. Hoses that have not been removed in sometime, should be pushed on to break the static grip.

Hose Clamps rubber or metal