Motor Oils


Motor oil for filter

Oil for Diatom Motor

The oil for the Diatom Motor is also useful for auto, home, shop, bikes, tools, blowers, hinges, pulleys, and bearings. It's proven quality will help protect valuable equipment.

Lightly apply to the areas where the oil is needed. Be sure to check back on the oiled areas after normal operation has resumed to make sure that more oil is not needed.

Shaft seal lubricant

Shaft Seal Lube

The Diatom Filter Shaft Seal Lubricant is a non-fibrous grease that is designed to be used with the Diatom P-16 Shaft Seal. It can also be used for your autos, in your home, and in your shop.

Follow the instructions in your diatom filter manual to properly use the shaft seal lubricant.