JBJ Nano cubes

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 Offering a full selection of replacement parts, lighting and chillers. 

The Jbj Nanocube line  is a self contained aquarium that comes with just what you need to get started for setting up your own fish tank.

These top of the line glass aquariums are great for the beginner and for the expert.

Best of all they with filtration systems, pumps and lighting already in them so you are ready to start up a frest water or saltwater tank.

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another 28 gallon cube high current in this tank same tank and its a beauty

Chads 28 gallon HQI jbj nano cube

yes this tank is smoking hot we know

Chad runs a fish store so we figured we would share a few pics here of his hqi nano cube that he has set up there

We knew you would be highly  upset if we did not share this picture with you so we had to.

Chads store is in st louis mo just like our warehouse and he has a ton of great items there .  Looking for saltwater fish, corals or supplies then he is the place to go to.

 So if you are in the missouri area looking for fish tanks aquariums supplies etc and need agreat store to check out be sure to swin on by gatewayaquatics.com and check out their nano cube 28 with metal halide lighting and led lights.  This  hqi set up alto fetures jbjs new protein skimmer and new wooden airston included with it and pump.    has 2 dual ports with an air pump with 2 ports included free plus a duo acella wavemaker and the pumps that run it.  Wow!!! Wavemaker included with metal halide lighting too in a fish tank.   This aquarium rocks. 


Oh  ya I forgot to let you know they just came out with a new stand that has a compartment for a chiller for those of you that live in warmer climates. 

This sleek design is prettry cool.

Take some pics and send them to us