Assembling Your Diatom Filter


    To insert the P-4 filter bag into main casting: the small hole in the round shaped insert should be in line with the turbulence connector port for best operation. This hole allows air to escape from the jar when the unit if filling with water. Its location on the outer edge of the insert dictates that it is in a position of constant pressure during the recirculating or starting phase of the filter and alsowhile the filter is in operation. Force the filter bag insert into the impeller cavity as far as it will go. (Fig. 2)


 On the (Model XL), insert the XL-4 filter bag in a position where the XL-5 turbulence tube will be between one of the folds in the filter bag. Be sure that the rubber bands are removed and discarded from the XL-4 filter bag. (Fig. 3)

    Install the P-5 turbulence tube by forcing one end over the turbulence tube connector port on the bottom of the main casting. (Fig. 4)



     On the (Model XL) the XL-5 turbulence tube has one end cut at an angle; connect the opposite end to the turbulence tube connector port (Fig. 5)